March 2014

My name is Elizabeth. I have two sons. Shayne, 19 and Cade, 9. Shayne is in college full-time (first year). I am finishing my 20+ year time in the military and will start a long travel-tour with my youngest son. This page is a way for us to keep in touch with Shayne while we are on the road.

When Shayne was about 5 years old I found this poem and thought of him. It’s been taped on my fridge for all these years…

Hold on to what is good even if it is a Handful of Earth.
Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.

–Nancy Wood (1974)

I think it’s always been applicable but even so now.

Shayne, I may not always be across town, but I am always here for you. We will be back and if we’re lucky, you will join us when you can.

This site is dedicated to my boy, Shayne. I love you.

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