21 Mar 2014

Preface: If you have any updates, news articles, comments, experiences, questions, tips, etc. on any of the countries on our Adventure List below, please share them with me in the comments section. 

We have high hopes and a (rough) plan. We really want to do the core bit of our travels in South America. At some point in our Adventure, I would like to hop a plane from Chile to the Falkland Islands (FIs). The FIs are located off the eastern coast of Argentina. If we make it to the FIs then maybe, just maybe, we could catch a flight from the FIs to England. There are flights to and from England flying right into the FIs with a pit-stop on Ascension Island – a UK territory. Ummm…how cool would that be?

The Falkland Islands and the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) are also territories of the UK (travelers can visit the SGSSIs but cannot stay). I found travel trips via sea vessels that take travelers from the Falkland Islands to SGSSIs and Antarctica. Or a traveler can start in Uruguay and travel to the FIs, SGSSIs and Antarctica via sea vessel and back. Naturally, travelers would stay on the sea vessel when visiting the SGSSIs and Antarctica.

Hey, we can dream, right?

Anyhow, I know it may sound odd that we want to go to the UK in the middle of the South American Adventure, but I have my reasons… I lived in England twice for a total of 6 years of my life and I loved every moment. I would love to go back to see old places and smiling faces. I recently reconnected with a few old British friends and one of my very best friends (US military doctor) lives there with her husband. Hi Melissa & Ryan. 

I’d really like Shayne to join us on this (potential) leg of the trip. I met Shayne’s dad in England when we were both stationed there in the early ’90’s. Also, his grandmother (his dad’s mom) was born and raised in England. Wouldn’t it be great if he could meet his British relatives? I’d love to show both my boys where I lived as a little kid and where I lived as an adult. England really is a beautiful country with amazing diversity and kind people.

About my plan… I was considering either going to England from the Falkland Islands OR maybe we can start this whole Adventure from the UK and fly to the Falkland Islands from England. I know tying the UK to this trip is a pretty big feat, but I’d like to mull it over without jumping straight to nixing it without giving it more serious thought/planning. We have the time and I have lots of ideas of places to go & things to see in the UK. When I include the UK into The Adventure, my number one issue is the cost of plane flights. I would easily forego the boat trip to the SGSSIs & Antarctica to do the UK (or England only) trip. If I can make it happen…it will.

I threw in Mexico because somehow/sometime I’d like to visit my grandmother. She lives between her home in CA and her home in Tepic, Nayarit. Timing is my biggest issue here.

Here’s what I’ve got drafted out now….

Adventure List

Current Major Travel Interests:

A. South America (most countries)

  1. Ecusouthamericalargeador (including Galápagos Islands)
  2. Peru
  3. Chile (including Easter Island – aka Isla de Pascua)
  4. Bolivia
  5. Argentina
  6. Falkland Islands* (previously Malvinas)
  7. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI)*
  8. Uruguay
  9. Brazil
  10. French Guiana**
  11. Suriname (previously Dutch Guiana)
*territory of the UK
**territory of France

B. Central America

(La casa de mi abuela – Grandma’s House!)

C. United Kingdom

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales

D.  Antarctica

  • Crazy, ain’t it?

Current Minor Travel Interests:

A. Everywhere else


I should note that though I’ve listed almost every South American country (read The Missing Four on why I am not planning on traveling to 4 countries in SA), I am concentrating on Ecuador & Peru. If I had to pick the next runner-up it would be Suriname. Outside of Ecuador & Peru are the countries I really, really want to explore.

I’ve done quite a bit of research on each of the South American locations (still need to read a bit more on Brazil) and this is why I feel confident & comfortable traveling with Cade to each of these countries.

I’ve been to Tepic, Mexico and if I were to travel there I would fly into town. I promised my grandfather (mi abuelo) before he passed away that I would not drive through Mexico to Tepic. I agree with him; it can be quite dangerous.

Like I said before, I lived in England. While living there I traveled to Wales & Scotland. I’d like to do that again. I owned my own vehicles when I lived there in the early ’90’s. If I feel comfortable driving there maybe we could rent a car. If not, we can do trains, buses and taxis. They are quite safe.

So….this is my net and I’m throwing it out there. Not sure what may happen but I have a pretty good (rough) plan sketched out. It still needs a bit of work, but I’m excited to forge through the planning. 🙂

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